My name is Kathleen (a.k.a. heartmama) and this is She Sense, a female focused blog that I hope you will enjoy and want to contribute to.  You can contribute once or regularly, it’s up to you. There are currently 4 main categories:

1) How-To’s
2) Musings
3) Short Stories (fiction or nonfiction)
4) Product Reviews

Please don’t feel intimidated. Submissions can mean sending me a topic you think I should write about, sending a little anecdote from your day, contributing to a collaborative article with just a simple 1 or 2 sentence answer to a question, responding to a poll, or writing your own article for posting. The categories are intentionally vague. I’m hoping for a wide variety of submissions with the overriding theme of all articles being that it is something women can relate to, are interested in, or will find helpful.

If you have something you would like to submit, you can email me at coeurmama@gmail.com. Please add this to your Contacts List for future reference and to avoid my emails from being sent to your Spam folder. Anyone who contributes may submit a link to their blog or website to be considered for inclusion in the links list posted on She Sense, which should help promote your site, too. (Feel free to email me for further details.)

Thank you for visiting She Sense! Check back often and don’t forget to subscribe to receive notification of new posts!

Kathleen  a.k.a heartmama
She Sense Administrator


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