Well If A Man Can Do It, It Can’t Be That Difficult

IMPORTANT:  Please note that this article is intended for mature audiences and may not be suitable for all age groups!

male bashing: a type of conversation in which the male species as a whole is gleefully insulted (typically by women) through blanket and wholly sexist remarks

So rarely have I heard anyone speak up in defense of men, that I sometimes I wonder if I’m the only person who thinks, “Now wait a minute! Maybe there are a few guys who would fit your description, but I can think of far more who do not deserve such a comment!”   Unfortunately I have overheard quite a range of male bashing comments, from a blatant, “All men suck!” to a more subtle “Men need to focus on one thing at a time. They can’t multitask.”  Excuse me, but my husband multitasks as well or better than I do!  So do many other men that I know.  Do I know some men who aren’t good at multitasking? Of course, but then I also know women who couldn’t multitask if their life depended on it.  When I hear people, typically women, engaging in male bashing, I usually try to gently point out that not all men fit the negative descriptions being expressed.  However, I do have to admit to occasionally keeping my mouth shut when I should have spoken out.  In fact, if I’m being honest, I’m certain there have been times when my own good judgment has lapsed and I even joined in the bashing myself.  That doesn’t justify the activity.

The title of this article was inspired by a comment a friend of mine recently made.  I was quite shocked by it and it stuck with me, prompting me to write this article.  I’m often unpleasantly surprised by the person who’s joining in the male-bashing. There isn’t one niche or class of people who participate in this loathsome activity.  All kinds of people happily join in sharing their own negative opinions of men as a whole.  Just watch an episode of The View and you’ll see what I mean. In fact, male-bashing has become so culturally acceptable, it’s even become a marketing strategy.  AskMen.com wrote an entire article ranking what they deemed to be the “Top 10: Worst Male-Bashing Ads”. The insults delivered by these commercials include an assumption that men can’t cook, they are terrible parents, and are just plain morons. Surveys have revealed that the negative portrayal of men in the media is having a negative effect on our children’s perception of them as a gender.

If you still think male bashing is harmless and all in good fun, let’s take a closer look at some of these comments:

“Any woman that thinks the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach is aiming just a little too high.”

Translation:  Men think with their genitals. Or men only love women who please them sexually.  What kind of message is that sending to young women?  How funny would that comment be if you flip it?  “Any man that thinks the way to a woman’s heart is through her stomach is aiming just a little too high.”

“God made Adam before Eve because you always make a rough draft before the final copy.”

Translation:  Women are better than men and there is something inherently wrong with all men.  Not to mention that it implies God made a mistake.

“Once you recognize the fact that all men are inherently pigs, your life becomes much simpler.”

Translation: Well, this one doesn’t really need a translation, does it?  It’s pretty straight forward.  My question is this:  Do all men deserve to be treated like pigs? If you think the answer is yes, then I have to ask if you also think all women deserve to be treated like bitches?

“Eighty percent of married men cheat in America. The rest cheat in Europe.”

Translation:  Never trust your husband.  What kind of life is that for either spouse?  A life lived in fear and misery.  Let’s turn it around: “Eighty percent of married women cheat in America. The rest cheat in Europe.” Nope. I don’t think it’s any funnier that way. Everyone is still miserable.

Q: Why did God put men on earth ?
A: Because a vibrator can’t mow the lawn.”

Translation:  Masturbating with your vibrator is as good or better than making love with a man, and the only reason to have him around is to do chores. Do you think this is funny?: “Why did God put women on earth? Because an inflatable doll can’t cook.” Would it be funny if it were applied to you, specifically?

Q: How can you tell the difference between men’s real gifts and their guilt gifts ?
A: Guilt gifts are nicer.”

Translation:  If the man who loves you puts the thought and effort into getting you a truly wonderful gift, you should reward him with suspicion of his motivation. Would you feel appreciated, trusted, or loved, if you left your husband a little love note and he responded by questioning your motives?

Q: Women dream of world peace, a safe environment, and eliminating hunger. What do men dream of ?
A: Being stuck in an elevator with the Doublemint twins.”

Translation:  All men are shallow, self-centered and suffer from satyriasis.  Would this joke be as culturally acceptable if it read something like this:

Q: Men dream of …….. (fill in selfless ambition here)….. What do women dream of?
A: Being locked in Tiffany’s with an unlimited line of credit.

Simply google “male bashing” and you’ll easily find dozens more “jokes” like these. However, I hope that after reading this article, maybe you’ll think twice before laughing. Better yet, maybe the next time you hear male bashing going on, you’ll speak up.


About heartmama

Hello, my name is Kathleen. My husband Luke and I were married in 2001 and we have 3 wonderful bio-sons: Ethan, born Oct. 2005, Quintin, born Feb. 2008, and Liam born June, 2010. We are looking forward to the day when our daughter(s) will join our family.
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One Response to Well If A Man Can Do It, It Can’t Be That Difficult

  1. Dugutigui says:

    As a man a little or almost nothing hypocrite, but hey, quite cynical, could not agree more with your statements …
    Not that I want to defend the man, a completely lost case, but what is left of rational in modern woman … who has gone like lightning from corner end to the opposite one -literarily speaking, thus taking a genuinely sexist man’s way, when balance, this supposedly true in women, is often found in the midtones …
    In other word, and sorry for my French: In the same way we have sonofabiches, we have biches, and even being hard to find rational people of sound mind, they exist in both sexes… or at least they should…
    Intelligent post of a sound woman mind, from my POV!

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