What would you pay?

The doctor said it may only help her live another four months at best.

She looked at the stacks of bills, bank statements, and budget printouts covering the surface of the kitchen table. They were broke. They’d spent every last cent of their savings and then some just paying for the tests to get a diagnosis and for the treatment which the doctor had assured them stood a very good chance of sending her cancer into remission.  But it hadn’t.  And now he wanted them to spend another $93,000 on a treatment that may only keep her alive for another four months. Over twenty-three thousand dollars a month.  If they were lucky. If not…. What if it doesn’t work?

Her mind traveled to everything they would be sacrificing for the possibility of just a few more months with their youngest daughter.  They couldn’t remodel the house as they’d planned to, so it wouldn’t sell for as much when the time came. Which meant they wouldn’t have that money to put toward Jacob’s college tuition or Emma’s nursing school, assuming she still wanted to be a nurse ten years from now. Emma was only eight but she’d spent so much time visiting her little sister in the hospital, the nurses there had practically adopted her and she’d decided she wanted to be just like them when she grew up.

She swallowed. Katie didn’t talk about what she wanted to be when she grew up. Somehow she knew. She understood that she wasn’t going to get that chance. At four years old Katie  had fought cancer with the determination of a navy seal, but the cancer was winning. She didn’t have long. Maybe four more months if they could find a way to pay for this new treatment. Maybe less.

Is it worth it? What if they sacrificed Jacob and Emma’s futures and the treatment didn’t help?  What if it did?

She looked again at the papers in front of her. What should they do?


If you find this story shocking, read this one:
$93,000 cancer drug: How much is a life worth?


About heartmama

Hello, my name is Kathleen. My husband Luke and I were married in 2001 and we have 3 wonderful bio-sons: Ethan, born Oct. 2005, Quintin, born Feb. 2008, and Liam born June, 2010. We are looking forward to the day when our daughter(s) will join our family.
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